Our teachers…they deserve better

As teachers celebrated Teacher’s Week recently, they were not only thanked and recognised for their work, but a few ungrateful individuals decided to attack our devoted women and men whom we trust with our children on a daily basis.

We have lost a great number of teachers across the years for several reasons. The increase of behaviour problems that are not being dealt with appropriately the lack of support from not only the education ministry but from the government in general and one of the main factors for them leaving this noble profession is the poor salary.

In this day and age, it is not acceptable for a teacher to be receiving less than 15,000 rupees. It seems that over the years nobody has even cared to look after the interest of our teachers. All they get is a thank you each October year in year out.

Teachers deserve better. They cannot work the way they should. We need to stop blaming them because we are not wearing these shoes. We are now living in an age where teachers are being beaten by both students and parents, they are harassed and insulted.

They work in an environment which is no longer conducive for teaching to take place. Students no longer have respect for their teachers and what goes on in these schools are very alarming.

Is this the future we want for Seychelles? Our country needs a new education system. Teachers do you still want another five years of nothing being done? The National Assembly has not been able to voice out your concerns, and the ministry has failed each one of you.

Is this what you truly want and need for another five years? 

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