Government’s continued failure to deliver for inhabitants of lower Zimbabwe, Praslin

Dirt roads are dangerous for a myriad of reasons, including the lack of traction, the potential for the road to change character, the dust, the potholes, and the pre-carious corners.

For no less than 35long years, Government has, election period after election period, parroted the same promises for as afer, tarmacked road for Praslinois residing in the lower Zimbabwe region. However, this promise has never been acted upon, with residents, taxis and ambulances being made to use the pothole-plagued dirt road to access the many house-holds that are based in the region.

Inhabitants are incensed at the unnecessary damage being incurred by their vehicles as they navigate the unsafe and crude road every day, while they wait for the Government to finally take notice of their plight and to deliver upon the promises made to them decades ago. The state of the road pointedly goes unacknowledged by veteran political party representatives who bob up and down uncomfortably in their vehicles while making their way along the dangerous road to the district as part of their campaign efforts.

„No taxation without representation.“ With Praslin and La Digue in habitants typically being silenced and sidelined by the Government of the day, despite contributing significantly to the National coffers through a vast array of taxes, it is unsurprising that they are pleading for a decentralization of theGovernment. ONE SEYCHELLES proposes that the Cabinet of Ministers should have a dedicated Minister for the islands being based on Praslin, tasked with meeting the public and relaying their concerns directly to the President.This is the only way that these islands shall progress in tandem with the main island of Mahe. Old ways shall not open new doors; only through innovation and fresh approaches shall we progress as a Nation.