Court case continues between St.Ange and Pierre

The case between Alain St. Ange and Alexander Pierre was mentioned again today before the Supreme Court, where the Judge ruled on a point of law before setting hearing dates for the defamation suit in January next year.

The Judge ruled that Anthony Derjacques would not be permitted to rely upon affidavit evidence that he himself notarised in support of Pierre’s case. The Court held that since the case proper had not yet begun, Derjacques need not be removed as Counsel in light of the above.

It is recalled that Pierre published words to insinuate, amongst other falsehoods, that St.Ange has misappropriated party funds and used a large amount to purchase plane tickets to Australia.

Alain St.Ange stated, “We reiterate that we do not tolerate bullying and smear campaigns such as this. Key perpetrators of smear campaigns should be consistently taken to task and not be permitted to spread falsehoods about another individual without fear of any consequence. No one should be above the law. Bullying behaviour is learned behaviour and we need to lead by example for the sake of our children. We will allow the truth to come out through the appropriate legal channels.”