Unity between political parties

As October arrives, the spirits of hatred, division and vengeance roam across the islands, chasing away the unity, peace and harmony that Seychelles once enjoyed. 

As a result, bonds are broken, friends become foes and relatives become strangers to each other. As a nation we have allowed politics to divide us now more than ever.

But who should be leading by example? It is sad to see that those who are supposed to be leading by example are themselves creating more division and disharmony. Some are saying ‘Let us unite for Seychelles’, but all we see is that even their leaders are not practising what they preach. Others are calling out that Seychelles belongs to all its children. 

If Seychelles truly belongs to each and everyone of us born on this land, then why are we still seeing those who are not respecting other people’s political views and private lives, and those who are imposing their political opinions on others. 

As political leaders and parties, we should lead the way. We should keep calling on our supporters and activists to respect their colleagues, neighbours, relatives and friends; to appreciate that we have different political views and we should learn to live in harmony with one another.

If politicians are fighting amongst each other, then we cannot expect to see our supporters to behave differently. 

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