Electoral Commission denies allegations of voter register tampering

The Seychelles Electoral Commission has publicly denied an allegation made on social media that there are attempts to tamper with the voter register to give an unfair advantage to a certain political party in the legislative election.

The chairperson of theElectoralCommission, Danny Lucas, told a press conference last Friday that the rumour being shared is that the Commission is tampering with the register and is transferring voters from one district to another to give leverage to one party.”I categorically deny this allegation. This is bringing into disrepute the whole organisation. Firstly, the way the organisational structure has been laid out, there is a separation of power, and it is difficult for anyone to tamper with the voters register,” said Lucas.

He added that there are procedures in place and the law does not permit the Commission to simply transfer people on the register. For a transfer, there needs to be an application at the regional level.

“The application is then sent to us. We then physically verify if the person is staying where he had applied to be transferred. It is the same procedure as for the first-time voters,” said Lucas.

In last week’s press conference, the Commission said that the register of voters will be certified on September 15. Around 70,000 people are eligible to vote in Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean.