Reaction to some of the PPBs that have aired

It is interesting to see that a large number of guest speakers on a lot of these PPBs that have been aired have been really successful under the current (and former) regimes. Why would these people want the “change” they are seemingly calling for? Why would they put their business reputations on the line and compromise their impartiality? What is in it for them? It just struck me as strange, and I know many who have echoed the same view.

A lot of the speakers are wealthy businessmen, never having struggled with poverty, unemployment, or victimization within the workplace a day in their lives. Are they lining up for methadone? Are they on the waiting list for housing? Do they go to the local Government clinics? Do they take the bus? Do they sometimes go without and stress about putting food on the table for their families? No? Then how do these personalities help the PPBs? They are unrelatable to the masses.

So, why were they chosen to speak on these PPBs? Shock factor? If that is the only reason, it has back-fired. Why would the wealthy and those who have very successful businesses want to change the system, unless they stand to benefit further from a change in system? And what does that mean for ordinary Seychellois who are trying to compete with these powerful business owners?

Is it a coincidence that Alain St.Ange made a public statement that his Government intends to stop monopolies within different sectors, which presently ensures that a handful of privileged people have no meaningful competition within their domain, and these PPBs begin to air where powerful businessmen rush forward to support the party that does not seem to have the intention to change the status quo? 

If these people are those who are being targeted by the political parties, then they are no different to previous regimes that catered to the privileged and the powerful, and not ordinary citizens.