Ballot papers arrive for October 24th elections

This week, 151,800 ballot papers (75,900 for Presidential election and 75,900 for the National Assembly election) arrived safely in the Country onboard Emirates Flight EK705. Political party representatives, including Alain St.Ange himself, were present to witness the offloading of the ballot papers and their transmission to the Central Bank of Seychelles for safekeeping.

The 2020 National elections will feature three main candidates participating in the Presidential election, and three main political parties – as well as two independent candidates – participating in the Legislative election.  This is a big win for our fragile democracy, and a significant step in the right direction for our Nation. If the entrenched and unhealthy duopoly of red and green camps was continuously permitted to exist unchallenged by any third party or third force, Seychelles would face darker possibilities of entrenchment, and our fragile democracy would be further undermined.